Meet the Writer

Melissa Moralez is a feminist writer from Texas living in Guadalajara, Jalisco. She is best known for her Conversations with Assholes series, where she produces raw, unedited, popcorn fiction and poetry for the daring soul. Her writing wreaks havoc with its crude, memoir-like reflections on what it means to exist as a modern “American” woman.

There are no boundaries to her processes, style, or work, as she enjoys writing in all forms. Conversations with Assholes was created to send a big fuck you to all the academic pressure surrounding writers and the false idea that adhering to strict structure and rules is necessary to publish work. Her pieces are written and posted for consumption in a matter of hours with little to no editing.

Melissa’s essay, “My Famous Abortion,” was published in King Shot Press’s Nasty Vol. 2, and she is currently working on her first fiction novel, along with fresh additions to her Conversations with Assholes series.


Photo by Ryan Smith

5 thoughts on “Meet the Writer

  1. I fucking love your stories. You write so well. I know the characters within a paragraph. I love to read so much. This is motivating. I’ve always been a reader but starting new books feels overwhelming these days. Thanks for sharing your words. I appreciate them.


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