COVID Sandwich

She scoffed at my gloves and mask as I walked through the door and when I was forced to check out of her line I prepared myself for her scolding.

“You know this is all a hoax right? They’re trying to turn this place into a fucking police state”

I continued unloading my things off my cart, “Yea who knows right?”

“What do you mean who knows? That’s the damn truth.” Her fury building, her exhaustion showing.

“Well, I guess we’ll just have to see what happens right? Not much we can do at this point.”

She slammed my groceries into bags, “Yea let’s all sit back and let our rights be stripped out from under us like those fucking Chinese while you monkeys run around scared in masks and gloves.”

I sighed, “Can you take it easy with my fucking bread, you got it all smashed and I’m looking forward to a sandwich tonight. Also, I’m not interested in arguing with you lady, we are all wondering what the fuck is going on and none of us have the answers.”

She grabbed my bread and started punching her fist into it. Not surprised at all I watched her assault the one ingredient I needed to make the sandwich that was going to make this week feel seemingly easier. I felt the customers behind me becoming even more unsettled and ready to pounce at the blind opportunity to defend something so much bigger than my shitty bread.

The manager walked over horrified at the sight apologizing profusely and all I could think was how much we need to make mental health a priority in this shit country. All I could think about is how sad it is that we continue to point our fingers in the wrong directions. All I could think about was how I still needed to buy some damn bread for my delicious sandwich.

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