Dog Park Nazi

I sat on the edge of a rock smoking a cigarette and looking at the water.  My dog, off leash, close to my side, smelling the air.  Beautiful sunset, cold hands and cigarette in mouth, I put on my gloves while smoke burned my eyes.  I put my head between my legs and squeezed my eyes shut to stop the burning.  I thought about how nice it was to be alone, actually alone.  I left my phone at home to excuse myself from all the text and phone calls from my siblings.  I love them, but fuck.  They have always been this way.  Overbearing, nosy, opinionated, but right now?  All I want is quiet.  I guess feeling connected and arguing on like normal makes it easier in their grieving process.  They, after all, have spouses and children to fill up their time and space.  I have my dog.  It’s been like this for years.  Lovers sometimes.  Maybe I prefer to be alone, I’ve chosen it for so long.  I am at an age where children could happen.  I love kids, I think I may have wanted them more than my siblings, but nothing has seemed right enough for me to take that leap.

I looked back at the sunset.  A good one.  A type of numb hurt that shouldn’t make sense.  My dog got up and started trotting towards another person with a dog.  The woman was stiff to his presence, hell probably stiff to everything. “Excuse me,” she yelled. “Why is your dog just running wild?”

Exhausted I answered, “He’s not aggressive I promise, just wants to meet your dog.  Is your dog aggressive?”

“Well no, but your dog should not be off leash, your being a negligent owner!”

“Excuse me?” I snapped at her cunty stamina and accusations.

The woman shifted in her tight panties. “It needs to be on a leash and I saw you flick your cigarette on the ground.  This isn’t your own trashy backyard you know.  You can’t just do whatever you want.”

“I’m sorry ma’m is this your property?”

“No, it’s public property and it’s for everyone to enjoy.”

“Oh it’s not your property?  Then mind your own fucking business.”

Tongue-tied, “You, you have some nerve young lady.  I’m going to call the police.”

I laughed a crazy laugh. “You think the police give a fuck about me and your yuppy ass?  Be my guest.  Besides, don’t be jealous that your dog is an idiot and can’t be trusted off leash.  He’s probably disloyal because he wants to run away from your snoopy, anxious, self righteous ass.  I don’t blame em'”

Shocked and a bit deflated she snapped, “Missy it sounds like your mother never taught you any manners!  I feel sorry for her.”

“Well you should you intrusive hag, she was murdered two days ago.  Now fuck off!”



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