Today I was reminded about how necessary it is for me to see space, vastness.⁣

I was reminded of who I am when I forget the power of expanse. I am closed, stiff, lacking depth energetically and physically. ⁣

I am stuck, scared, stubborn, and full of judgment. I am a person that discounts the trauma and truth of myself and others. ⁣

I also know in my heart that I am not these shallow and short-sided things. ⁣

We need vast. We need space in all of its aspects and metaphors. It’s what keeps us challenging, recognizing, and respecting perspective. This is what keeps us connecting to ourselves, others, and the natural world.⁣

Grateful for these vast Mexican views at my fingertips, reminding me of perspective, scope, and flexibility.⁣

It’s easy to allow so many days to pass with tunnel vision. Eyes to screens, ears only open to information, people, and thoughts that stroke our contrived and eggshell narratives.⁣

Today I sat on a rock and looked out at land so far. And although it was so far I could feel its hum, its warmth, its words, and its depth inside of me.⁣

Today I was reminded how important it is to keep my space and thoughts vast, especially in a world and time where we are being forced into the tiniest of places.⁣

Today I was reminded that these tiny places are not where I belong and that I stretch further from my body than I even have the capacity to realize.⁣

And although these reminders can feel empty and intangible, unscientific, I am reminded that feeling is real, intuition is real, and I have every goddamn right to believe in this so called “magic.”

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