Soul Retrieval

Contemptuously conditioned to stuff extremely complicated subjects ⁣
into tiny boxes.⁣
Hoarding what’s ours and hissing at anyone who questions,⁣
No, threatens!⁣
I don’t believe that some are tougher than others.⁣
Sensitivity is the nature of our species,⁣
Some of us are just better liars,⁣
Cloaking ourselves in more acceptable emotions like ⁣
indifference, anger, annoyance.⁣
Because most of us have souls that fled somewhere in the early chaos,⁣
Leaving our hearts exposed to whatever change of wind life decides to blow.

Oaxaca, Mexico

To the Hills

I ran to the hills to catch a breath, a few breaths, 
some new fucking lungs.
I needed time,
Everyone needs time sometimes, 
Despite what we’re raised to believe.

I needed my memory and in these hills
the last they were seen.
The smell alone was enough, 
The cedar, the soil.
And just as I suspected, they arrived.

Many say you can’t live in the past and I agree
it can be a horrid place.
But you also can’t heal what hasn’t been exposed.
And there are few things I find more courageous than facing your greatest opponent.

Table for One

When the lights dim and the noise fades,
And your juggling that fine line of loving yourself
and thinking you’re better than others.

When all the other soldiers have gone home, 
And your about to pour that drink, turn on that show, take that hit,

Sometimes the only person left to battle is yourself.

Bandera, TX 2019


You told me fear was necessary,
That you loved your fear,
That you respected your fear.

That it brings the most clever out of you,
Heightens every sense,
Reveals your resilience under pressure.

Teaches you how to best navigate a difficult situation.

I sat in admiration,
Thinking about how much stronger the world would be with more of you in it.

The Same

I am, he’s not
They don’t, I do
I can, she shouldn’t

Most of us spend our entire lives making rules for others that don’t apply to ourselves.
Most of us spend our entire lives desperately trying to differentiate ourselves from others.
Only to discover we all shit, piss and sleep the same.


Elevated, flat, but going nowhere for a while, or possibly ever.

I couldn’t have thought of a better word.

Traveled far and high, blistered feet, bloody knees only to stop, bottom out, flatten out, fade out into something that almost represented a mountain.

Can you imagine? The humiliation of almost being a mountain and settling as a plateau?

Yea me neither.

I couldn’t have thought of a better word.

Taking up a third of the Earth’s land, you must be something special too.

Fuck a mountain, I’ll be the plateau.

There’s space for the both of us.

Coffee Talk

I watched her soft adolescent hands fiddle the fake engagement ring on her finger,⁣

She spoke of wanting marriage.⁣

I wanted to tell her to wait.⁣

I wanted to tell her that boys suck every last bit of life out of girls her age.⁣

I wanted to tell her she needs more time to learn how to be a strong woman in this unforgiving world.⁣

I wanted to tell her she needs to learn her boundaries for her soul’s survival in a marriage.⁣

I wanted to tell her to live and travel so that one day she doesn’t wake up to a stranger in her reflection wondering when and why she surrendered all her power to a man.⁣

Instead, I stayed quiet and continued to listen like you do when you’re learning another language.⁣

Instead, I fiddled my own engagement ring on my finger thinking about how none of this was my business.